Hautepop: A Hyperpop Fashion Column — December (Again)

Welcome back to Hautepop, a fashion column for the hyperpop and hyperpop adjacent spheres. Missed our last edition? Head here for our winter gift guide.

I originally set out to only release a gift guide for this month’s Hautepop (which I implore you to read and shop from) but so much fashion related stuff happened in the last few weeks that I couldn’t not write about. Let’s get into it.

British Fashion Awards 2021

Our beautiful hyperpop girlies were attendees at this year’s British Fashion Awards, and they looked positively radiant. Charli XCX wore this slinky Tommy Hilfiger black dress, (styled by Chris Horan) and she was giving Cher, according to Twitter user @ramen_xcx. Charli was also unfortunately referred to as “Charlie XCX” in Harper’s Bazaar coverage of the event. Yeesh.

(Henry Radcliffe)

Shortly after the red carpet, Charli transformed for her performance at the event. This time, she channeled Aaliyah with stunningly styled hair and another Hilfiger getup that featured low rise pants, high rise underwear, and work boots.

(Getty Images)

Check out more photos at this link, because her tummy is insane. Whatever yoga/pilates/dance classes she takes are doing her good.

Hyperpop darling Rina Sawayama was also in attendance at the Fashion Awards, styled by frequent collaborator Jordan Kelsey, who I think is a genius, because I have not yet seen Rina look less than fucking gorgeous in any photo. Rina wore CUSTOM Richard Quinn, because she’s just not an off-the-rack girl! Good for her.

(Getty Images)

This is everything. Also, needless to say, it’s a very big deal that she got a custom gown for this event. Like I’ve mentioned before, these musicians are achieving such incredible success quickly, and brands are taking notice.

Arca is a cover girl

In other hugely exciting news, Arca is the cover for Vogue México’s and Vogue Latinoamérica’s December edition. Styled by Ai Kamoshita/Concrete, she’s transformed into the Mona Lisa and a beautiful surrealist painting. Arca is so suited for this type of art because she can become anyone and anything. These images have me blown away. The set design, hair, makeup, styling, and photography are all top-notch, and together, they capture Arca’s spirit and style so excellently. She is so deserving of a Vogue cover, as she’s becoming a highly in-demand model/muse for a number of brands, and it goes without saying that as a musician she is breaking boundaries in every direction. Photos below.

(Tim Walker/Vogue)

Lewis Grant is in Vogue

That’s all.


Some in-person fashion reporting?

This month I had the immense privilege to see Caroline Polachek and Oklou live at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. The show was stunning, but I was particularly interested in the gorgeous outfits donned by Caroline and Oklou. Going through Caroline’s “US Tour ‘2” story highlight on her Instagram, I’ve been noticing the type of uber-layered FIT student style outfits featured on the road. Both artists’ looks have been a late-90’s type of vibe, with low waisted pants and miniskirt abound. Fingerless gloves have been prominent, as have been shirts with extreme cutouts, and witch boots.

Here’s Oklou in a Hackers-esque layered up outfit and a GIANT sweatshirt.

Caroline opted for a white constructed top and shorts, paired with thigh-high black leather boots.

I was slightly disappointed not to see some Mugler in person, as Caroline has been known to wear on this tour, but this outfit was truly stunning to see in motion as she sang and danced and spun around the stage.

Closing out…

Thank you everyone for reading. Stay tuned in the new year for Hautepop’s first-ever interviews with style icons of the hyperpopverse. Love you all! Have a happy holiday and get some well-deserved rest.


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