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As we enter this year’s holiday season, it can be difficult to know what gifts to get for the music lover in your life. Or, that’s what they claim in every music publication’s yearly (and typically super expensive) holiday gift guide. However, for the young and/or terminally online, it can actually be somewhat difficult to know what gifts they might like. Never fear, for I am putting together an extra-special, extra-sparkly Hautepop gift guide for the average hyperpop enjoyer in your life.

Vintage Ebay computer edit

Graphic by Zoe Axelrod

The Essentials/Stocking Stuffers…

Here’s a few quick and easy items to add to a list for your loved ones.

Obviously, if you’re going to be gifting anything this year, you need some beautiful wrapping paper to dress it up in. What could be better than this Charli XCX “Planet XCX” gift wrap that has been in her merch store for an inexplicably long time. It is extremely cute, but it only comes with three sheets, so you’d better not make any mistakes while wrapping.

There’s a reason Americans, and hyperpop fans/musicians, run on Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s full of sugar! Stock up on Dunkin’ gift cards here at their website for your loved one to keep them up and running all night playing Minecraft. Or Roblox, or whatever.

Sometimes, the best gift idea is something inexpensive and thoughtful. For anyone into PC Music, this stack of 12 stickers for $10 is a pretty good deal, and it lets your loved one know you really were listening all those times when you explained the label’s impact on modern pop music. These are perfect for decorating laptops, notebooks, fridges, your car’s bumper, and your cat!

If you don’t live in LA and/or can’t afford a session with Gregg Lennon Jr, hairstylist of hyperpop stars, keep your fringe looking extra crispy with the best-rated DIY hair bleach you can get from the drugstore. It even has the word “hyper” in the name! While you’re there, maybe pick up some conditioner, because I know from experience that bleach sucks the absolute life out of your hair.

Apparel to keep you warm and cozy this winter…

If you’re looking for genuinely cool clothes for the hyperpop fan in your life, look no further than this list. Hyperpop is known for its visuals, and there’s a reason there’s a fair amount of visual artists and designers that do well in this sphere. Check out some of the coolest merch from all your favorite musicians and graphic artists below.

The color of this shirt may not scream “Happy Holidays,” but it does say that “Hardcore Will Never Die” which is an uplifting message as any this year, in my opinion. Plus, it’s incredibly sick. Excellent for layering over a black stripey turtleneck with many chains for peak e-person style. Check it out at the 909Worldwide merch store.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Socks, again, for the holidays? Let me tell you right now, socks are an underrated gift. And when an artist like Midwxst has had such an amazing breakout year like this one, you’ll want to support them. Midwxst’s merch store contains some other cute stuff, like tees and hoodies, but nothing will keep your toesies warm like the knowledge that you’re helping an artist to live their dreams. These socks come in black and white, which are really all the colors you need.

This Namasenda t-shirt genuinely is a must-buy. It has actual crystals on it, and was designed by the artist herself. It only comes in XXL because she likes her tee shirts “bigggg” (and I quote). Buy this. You need it. It’s so cool. It might actually be sold out by the time this list comes out, but I’m keeping it on here anyway.

Of course, you’ll need something to keep you warm this winter, and Riley The Musician, very talented friend of the columnist, has the perfect crew neck sweatshirt for you. Guaranteed to warm your torso and your heart during those cold Midwestern winters. She’s only human, people!

Actual physical music…

Physical music is a pretty excellent gift across the board. It’s also one of the best and easiest ways to put money in the pockets of your favorite artist. Here are some picks of the best hyperpop (and hyperpop-adjacent) albums this year.

Namasenda's Unlimited Ammo. Look, I know she’s not a hyperpop artist, but this LP is 38 minutes of sheer gorgeousness. Also, it will look awesome on your wall.

Pre-order Charli XCX’s fifth studio album CRASH, which won’t release till March, but will still be a hot commodity this holiday season, I guarantee it. I hear CDs are making a comeback.

You’re all extremely lucky that you can buy the supremely talented osquinn’s self-produced debut LP, “drive-by lullabies,” on Bandcamp. For a project that will go down as a defining point for quinn, it’s an honor to be able to buy a physical CD.

One more thing…

The best and easiest way to spread holiday cheer this year is to donate to those in need this winter. Click here to go to a masterpost of donation links, and share your love and money around.

Thus concludes the official Hautepop Holiday Gift Guide. Happy holidays, everyone! Excited to dive in further to this column in the new year. In the meantime, I will be relaxing with my girlfriend and family, and eating as many cookies as possible.

About the columnist

I’m a Kansas-City based music journalist with a heavy interest in fashion that stems from watching Project Runway at a very early age. My own style is highly influenced by the artists I listen to, so I feel it’s only fair to really dig into their aesthetics and impact.

I have been wanting to write about the intersection of hyperpop and the fashion world for a long time, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to write this column. If you have any interview requests, topics for coverage, or questions, don’t be afraid to shoot me an email at allisonharris028@gmail.com (or email Ringtone at ringtonemagazine@gmail.com!). See you next month!


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