Hautepop: A Hyperpop Fashion Column — November

Welcome back to Hautepop, a fashion column for the hyperpop and hyperpop adjacent spheres. Missed our first edition? Head here to learn what Hautepop is all about.

Photos of hyperpop fashion

Charli XCX and Arca’s latest high-fashion nods

Musical geniuses Arca and Charli XCX released new music recently, both with the tightly curated visuals they’re known for. Charli’s single artwork for “New Shapes ft. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek” features a frankly fabulous pair of Peter Do heels, which you too can own for the hefty price of $1200. Better yet, the song’s music video includes styling that compliments the heavy 80s synth pop vibe of the song. I mean, Chris looks like a sexy Rick Astley. Caroline is sporting a ballet-inspired Madonna backup dancer outfit. Charli is dressed as… Xenon? She-Ra? To be honest, I’m not sure of the reference, but she is rocking the fuck out of that fringe skirt.

Charli XCX

(Asylum Records)

Arca’s latest double single, “Prada”/”Rakata” came out swinging with a truly stunning joint music video. The video is a CGI wasteland that creates a world like I’ve never seen before. The 3-D Arca model looks like a wild robot Barbie. Arca remains the queen of re-imagination and reinvention, which she proves as a new version of her avatar dances next to imagery from February’s “@@@@” single. “Prada” gets its name from lyrics “tacones Prada / ay que rara / y más nada,” which, translated to English, say “Prada heels / oh she's queer / and that's that.” Iconic. Of course, Arca and the Prada brand have a history together, as they tapped her to soundtrack their Spring/Summer 2016 video, and she collaborated with both Prada and fashion retailer SSENSE to create a performance installation for the SSENSE Montreal flagship store.


(XL Recordings)

Inside the addictive electronic Mugler Fall/Winter film soundtrack

A few weeks ago, luxury brand Mugler debuted a film for their 2021 fall collection. The slick video features models like Bella Hadid, Lourdes Leon, and Dominique Jackson from FX’s “Pose.” More interesting, still, is the film’s soundtrack, which contains the glitching and clanging sounds reminiscent of the legendary SOPHIE and her generation of musical pupils. The track list is genius for a lot of reasons, but the use of songs like “Premium defects” by FAKTHIAS & Lala8 and “Debut” (FRNGE remix) by COBRAH, is particularly effective in establishing a unique soundscape for the world of this collection. On the more pop side of things, the soundtrack also includes two of the most excellent songs of the last few years: “Link Up” by Tinashe and “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (ft. Moliy)” by Amaarae. The film’s editing and direction, too, are also clearly cyber-inspired, setting the tone for Mugler’s latest sexy futuristic designs. All these elements create a truly hypnotic film, which I’ve watched at least six times now. The full track list is below, if you need music to soundtrack your own glamorous strut down the sidewalk.

“Premium defects” by FAKTHIAS & Lala8
“Debut” (FRNGE remix) by COBRAH
“Link up” by Tinashe
“Gloomy Jungle” by Dev/Null
“SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (feat. Moliy)” by Amaarae
“Jawbreaker” by Neana
“Tosse Break” by Tantão e Os Fita
“Magic Flutes” by Jon Mandabach
“Mal à dit” by Shannon
“Runnin” by Ms. Carrie Stacks



U.K. pop girls are on the up and up of high fashion

Pinkpantheress, princess of TikTok and participant in a “big day for annoying people,” recently made her modeling debut for Marc Jacobs’ Heaven label. She joins other online musical forces like Olivia Rodrigo, Bladee, Ecco2k and Beabadoobee for the youth-oriented brand. The Heaven label is clearly influenced by the very social media platform that led to PinkPantheress’ success, building off trends like sky-high platform shoes, the mini-est of miniskirts, and the ever-prominent sweater vest.


(Marc Jacobs)

Shortly after these photos debuted, Pinkpantheress was invited alongside U.K. pop sensation Bree Runway to attend the London premiere of House of Gucci. It looks like brands are starting to take note of Pinkpantheress as a muse/model. Bree Runway has been recently experiencing some of the same, as well. Gucci used her song “GUCCI” as a backing track for a teaser to their new collaboration with Balenciaga. It’s exciting to see these artists being recognized by huge brands for their talent and aesthetic on the journey of their meteoric rises.

The Gucci Ready-To-Wear Spring show featured every celebrity ever, and also music only by Björk.

Wow, lots of Gucci talk this month. You might be interested to know where every celebrity in the world was on Nov. 2, and the answer is that they were all at the “Gucci Love Parade” in Hollywood, a presentation of Gucci’s Spring Ready-To-Wear collection. Seriously, every person. Phoebe Bridgers. Miley Cyrus. Tyler the Creator. Billie Eilish. Lizzo. Nyjah Huston. Dapper Dan. Jeremy O. Harris. Serena Williams. Tracee Ellis Ross. Check out the photos here — they’re kind of stunning.



The Hollywood glamour-themed collection was set to a medley of music by an avant-garde electronic musician you might know well — Björk. Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, worked with producer Steve Mackey to lead the music direction for the show. Catch the livestream here and see the glamorous models slink down the runway to songs like “All Is Full of Love” and “Bachelorette.”

Closing out…

Thank you to those sticking with me for another month! I appreciate your readership so very much. Join me again in December for an exciting holiday edition of Hautepop, which will be a gift guide for all the internet music lovers in your life!


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