Caller ID: Track Roundup— 9/14/21

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Three album covers in this article

value” — Nosgov

As I tried to write this review for Nosgov’s new song “value,” I contemplated the meaning of the song. Reading the lyrics to the song was not as helpful as I thought it’d be. I stumbled upon Nosgov’s Twitch stream and asked her what was the meaning of her latest song — even she said that she doesn’t know, and that it is up to the listener to decide.

The song has a very distinctive sound. The airy synth loops, the heavy drums, and the 808s juxtaposed with Nosgov’s distinctive vocals make for a track that stands out among her latest releases. The track is very distinctive from her older tracks, which were more abstract. It more closely resembles her latest singles, which could be leading up to an album.

— João Veloso

Teacup” — Cowgirl Clue

The first taste in a new era of Cowgirl Clue’s fairy soundscape is looking to pour us another cup and keep the rounds coming. Abrasive drums and punchy synths line “Tea Cup” for a short, but bubbling burst of invigorating tempos. The high vocals sit above the dizzying pops of bubbles and match the breakneck speed through to the song’s racing finish.

If this is the new direction for Clue’s upcoming work, then she is really mixing together a brew that the pop sphere hasn’t quite come across yet and we’re all here for it.

— Dylan Robinson

same old me” — AViT

“same old me” enters with a somber piano to set up it’s almost emo-R&B mixture peppered with a hypnotizing melody. Possibly the perfect “looking out a rainy window” song you’ll come across all year as its high notes sprinkle in behind AViT’s captivating voice providing such a warm timbre to an otherwise teary track.

AViT favors the melancholic here over their previous lieu of harkening back to pop-punk roots but with a digitized, glitchy twist. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the superb mid-track piano focus as everything else just gives way for more of those dewey keys to take center stage. It’s all just so dazzlingly peeled back.

— Dylan Robinson

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