PREMIERE: Ravenna Golden’s “Girlfriend Sucks” Embodies Her Music’s Pop-Punk Roots

In “Girlfriend Sucks,” Ravenna Golden blends her slick and autotuned electronica with good, old-fashioned angry rock music. The result is an infectious jam with a similarly addictive music video that channels Freaky Friday, “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne, and all things late ‘90s to early 2000s.

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Graphic by Zoe Axelrod
Photo by María José Govea

“This guy, who is very much just a friend now, was dating this girl after we'd had some on-and-off stuff in the past. And I was so sick of it, it was just one of those, “why wasn't it me?” sort of situations. I'm very over it now.” Golden said, discussing the inspiration for the track. “Now it's just a song to me. But at the time it was very much about this. I'm thinking of dealing with people who are in relationships that they shouldn't be in, and the fake partner who pretends to like you.”

Although she may be over the situation, Golden is still able to channel anger and frustration perfectly in “Girlfriend Sucks”, in part due to her affinity for pop-punk acts like Sum 41 and Green Day in her younger years. While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted her creative process and made writing music more difficult, she found an outlet in revisiting such acts, recording covers of songs to experiment with her sound.

“It just ranges,” she said of the songs she was drawn to covering. “It's stuff that I listened to in middle school and high school, [those are] the usual suspects. So it's pop, it's hip hop, it’s a lot of pop punk.” These covers helped her to keep her creative juices flowing even through a highly stressful pandemic.

Now that touring is now possible again for artists, Golden is extremely excited and ready to get back to performing. “I'm trying to put together some dates to do some shows,” she said. “I've done a couple shows, but I want to get a tour together, if I can. Performing is what I live for. I really kill it up on stage, my presence is always there. That's probably my favorite part of being a musician, is performing.”

“Girlfriend Sucks” is further aided by a feature from midwxst, the burgeoning digicore star currently making a huge name for himself at a young age. midwxst adds a layer to the song’s dramatic narrative, singing slyly that his own girlfriend sucks, which is completely fictional, Golden is happy to point out.

“He was writing for more of a place of fiction than I was, because he's in a pretty happy relationship right now. And I met his girlfriend, but she's super sweet and does not suck.” Golden said, chuckling.

“It was cool to work with someone who's so fresh on the scene and so young, but such a talented performer,” Golden said about her experience working with midwxst. “He really has such a good energy and presence, and he's going to go far, and I can tell. It was exciting.”

Truly, it is such a joy to see these two artists play off each other in a music video, especially one with as much unbridled fun as “Girlfriend Sucks”. The garage-band vibe of the video captures the excitement and angst of youth, something we all desperately need after the year and a half we’ve had.

“I think it's giving a lot of Freaky Friday vibes.” Golden said of the music video, referencing the 2003 movie starring Lindsay Lohan, whom she definitely channels in terms of style and attitude. “That's just kind of sassy and kind of ‘90s, ‘00s, nostalgic, but still relevant, as a visual reference. Also, that small town feeling, like in your friend's garage, you know?”

Fans of this type of sound and reference are in luck for Golden’s upcoming project. “I think there's a couple more songs that fit that vibe.” she said. “It's kind of like a half-and-half between the pop-punk sort of rock-y stuff and more of the computer-based pop. So there's a lot of the shiny noises and then there's a lot of the rock stuff as well.”

“Girlfriend Sucks” is a major success for Golden and midwxst, and is such a blast to listen to. The song’s youthful vibe makes one hope it will be ringing through the headphones of edgy kids headed back to in-person school in the fall, stomping confidently through hallways and across campus in their Doc Martens.

Check out the new music video for Ravenna Golden's single, “Girlfriend Sucks (ft. midwxst)” here!

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