Caller ID: Track Roundup — 5/7/21

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REPENT!” — Blimpee

Blimpee gets philosophical about religion while also getting down and dirty on new song “REPENT!" The whirlwind of glitching and grinding culminates in a fiercely unique takedown of homophobia in religious communities, as Blimpee snarls out: “He loves you so much / that he sent me here / to call you names / and yell in your face / and tell you to Repeeeent!” The song’s multiplicity of vocal effects almost conjures the image of multiple demons, taking turns screeching in your face. The dark and sadistic style isn’t new for Blimpee, as a number of his songs address religion in a warped and satirical way, but it is a standout track for the artist. “REPENT!”’s booming production and hard-hitting lyrics make it an excellent entry into Blimpee’s world, and a powerfully gritty song.

— Allison Harris

Drama (feat. Charli XCX)” — Bladee, Mechatok, Charli XCX

It’s 2021 and we’re still waiting to see what Charli herself is whipping up for us, but in the meantime, she’s been making waves splashing in the puddles of other artists. We’ve been fed with “Spinning,” “Charger,” and the recently bestowed “Xcxoplex” by A.G. Cook, fresh off the grill of tomorrow featuring the hyperpop goddess. When Charli raises the auto-tune game, Bladee is here to make the call and land them both on the remix version of “Drama” with production by Mechatok.

We get the same entrancing, plucking beeps atop a lavender bass and trap snare lighting the flares for Charli’s verse to come in hot. This verse is bitchy and spunky and with all the flare you’ve come to expect from her eclectic assortment of pearlescent pitches. Pair all that with an enveloping wash of chorus harmonies between the two and you’ll see how this song arguably attained its final form.

— Dylan Robinson

2020 Vision” — Hijac, Fia, s.g.cackle

If 2020 were a movie, "2020 Vision" would play during the end credits. While Hijac's last track, "Open ur eyes," mourned the angst people in long distance relationships have felt during the pandemic, on "2020 Vision," Hijac, Fia, and s.g.cackle aim to leaves those feelings behind by recapping 2020 and looking ahead to the future. "The song is about my optimistic hope for the future year, but also my way of expressing the desperation to release myself from the shackles of the pandemic and go back to living the free and wild life the world and I deserve," Fia elaborated. Between Hijac's seamless production and Fia and s.g.cackle's verses, every artist brings something new to "2020 Vision" for a retrospective where bubbly synths that sugarcoat yearning lyrics have the power to fill listeners with hope for a concert-filled future.

— Amelia Zollner

SIMP” — Full Tac, Lil Mariko, Rico Nasty

I’m sorry in advance for this sentence, but I simp for “SIMP.” Ever since Lil Mariko and Full Tac first played the track in their set at My Agenda Online, it’s been branded into my psyche forever. The official release expands on the previously single chorus with a delightfully cringe-worthy opening dialogue sequence that I pretend I don’t relate to. The rest of the track is fully just a BDSM degradation scene between Lil Mariko and Full Tac with the added pleasure of Rico Nasty, whose verse practically grabs you by the collar and bodyslams you before making you thank her for it. Needless to say, by the end of the track, you’re either going to feel freaked out, or you’re going to feel called out. Either way, “SIMP” is an experience, and not one to miss.

— Zoe Axelrod

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