Caller ID: Track Roundup — 4/12/21

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1” — Petal Supply, Himera, umru, trndytrndy

“1” by Petal Supply, Himera, umru, and trndytrndy is not just a hyperpop posse cut — it’s a love letter to the 12-minute single. The song teases the listener in the best way, approaching euphoria through production and then slinking away to build back up again. The song’s truest payoff comes at the 10-minute mark, when forces collide to create the most blissed-out moment. Petal lends her vocals, which are used to create both delicate trance and booming electronic moments in “1.” A nearly 12-minute song done by anyone else might make someone lose interest after the first fourth of it, but collaborators Himera, Umru and trndytrndy keep you hooked throughout. This team of artists bring something fresh, new, and unexpected, particularly in a streaming world of increasingly 2-minute tracks. “1” is absolutely one of the best releases in the realm of hyperpop so far this year.

— Allison Harris

balance” — MGNTA

Since Caller ID started, our team has covered plenty of MGNTA releases. However, in my eyes, “balance,” MGNTA’s latest track, is a new high point in the producer’s slowly expanding discography and a stunning reflection on feeling unsteady. “How does it feel / to always know / what the fuck to do with your time? / Hell if I know left from right,” MGNTA sings beneath layers of autotune. Culminating in a finale of distorted synths that feels like a discordant release of emotion, “balance” will stick with anybody who has ever felt like they need to recalibrate.

— Amelia Zollner

hotel” — twikipedia

SEBii joins twikipedia’s latest track, “hotel,” although this collaboration between the two is not new for fans. They’ve worked together on twikipedia’s “talk down,” released last October. “hotel” samples the soundtrack of Nintendo’s Earthbound, making for a nostalgic video game vibe that resonates throughout the track. twikipedia’s parts are catchy, as described by him in the track, and the verses are well written, while Sebii’s distinguishable witty rhymes come full circle to make this one of twikipedia’s best tracks. Plus, toward the end of the track, twikipedia samples a song that is recognizable to any Brazilian: Cidinho and Doca’s “Rap Das Armas.”

— João Veloso

Open ur eyes” — Hijac, Kiry

Seamlessly produced at a level that rivals pioneers of the genre, Hijac and Kiry’s “Open ur eyes” is an excellent portrayal of love during a pandemic. According to Hijac, the song was conceived after both Hijac and Kiry were forced to spend time away from their loved ones during the pandemic — it was simply a story they “knew would resonate.” Although its lyrics feel a bit cliche at times, when put into the context of a queer relationship, it succeeds in its goal of resonating with those who have dealt with relationship angst during the pandemic, a topic that few artists have dealt with without sounding cheesy. And, of course, it’s undeniably a banger that I’d love to see live post-COVID.

— Amelia Zollner

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