Basside and SOPHIE’s ‘Fuck It Up EP’ Delivers Everything We've Been Waiting For

The legendary unreleased Basside x SOPHIE FUCK IT UP EP has finally graced streaming services, and does not cease to amaze. The six track EP was recorded in 2017 at a transitional point in the late SOPHIE’s career and shows off the artist’s ingenuity as a producer across the bounds of genre. Basside, a well-known duo in the influential sound of Miami Bass, is bursting with talent on FUCK IT UP EP, which sounds fresh even 4 years from its inception.

Album cover courtesy of Sorry Records

Many of the EP’s tracks, like “BEST FRIEND TOO,” “NYC2MIA,” and “FUCK IT UP,” might sound familiar. They’ve populated the DJ sets of SOPHIE and those who are fans of her music, and exist on Soundcloud as uploads of “rare” and “unreleased tracks,” which gives them an impressive reputation in the world of hyperpop. Ask any SOPHIE aficionado what they think about “Snaps,” (the unofficial title given to “FUCK IT UP” by fans) and they’re sure to give you a spirited answer.

While none of the songs on the FUCK IT UP EP are brand-new, it feels like a victory to have these tracks officially released and easy to find, for both Basside and SOPHIE. In an interview with the Miami New Times, Basside member Que Linda revealed that she and Caro Loka had plans to release the EP later in 2021, but after SOPHIE’s passing on January 30th, they felt they needed to share the music earlier.

"The passing of SOPHIE made us realize that time is short and we shouldn't wait any longer," she said. "We also wanted to give a gift to everyone that's heartbroken."

Although the songs are lighthearted, and Basside gives sass and personality for days (it’s no wonder they’re revered for their spin on the Miami Bass sound), hearing unreleased SOPHIE production in high-quality audio is chill-inducing just over 2 months after her death. SOPHIE’s signature synthetic style makes songs like “SWIPE” sound almost sinister, as Basside delivers blows to the ego of anyone who possibly thought they deserved to swipe right on their Tinder profiles.

The songs of FUCK IT UP EP, like its titular track, are laden with expletives, as many SOPHIE tracks are. Que Linda and Caro Loka deliver handily obscene and sexual lyrics with a wink and a touch of humor. “FUCK IT UP” contains wild turns of phrase like “If your dick is heaven, I wanna be dead,” “fuck me in the kitchen and make me a snack,” and “I don’t care if you’re drunk, I don’t care if you’re tired, I don’t care if the condoms you brought are expired.”

Basside and SOPHIE keep it brief with FUCK IT UP EP, as the project is just under 20 minutes, but each song is so singularly excellent that you’ll find yourself looping it over and over. Listening to the EP, you can see why fans clamored so long for its release. While clubbing is still off the table right now, there’s hope on the horizon that Basside fans will be able to hear these songs and dance to them, in-person and sweaty, sometime in the near future. It’s simply the best way to honor SOPHIE’s legacy.

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