Caller ID: Track Roundup — 3/12/21

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I'lL Text Your Phone” — Shyburial

“I’ll Text Your Phone,” a bubbly dance tune with a strong, clean beat, is the second track on Shyburial’s new EP LEXI’S CD. Sonically, it shares elements with mainstream mid-2010’s pop, with a repetitive, heavily edited vocal hook— "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you" — and claps on every measure. It combines these elements with a playful, video-game style synth and crackly autotune. Shyburial’s intricate and polished production fills out the 3:30 track length perfectly, and the mix is on point. While it’s formulaic in its structure, the upbeat feel, high energy level and clean sound of “I’ll Text Your Phone” make it easy to play over and over. Shyburial’s work sets a gold standard for polish, and it’s a treat to listen to.

— Nic Johnson

Cry” — Donatachi

Sydney-based artist Donatachi is back with a suped-up and exuberant rework of Australian band The Mavis’S “Cry." The rock band’s classic song is transformed into a fast-paced dance anthem, with signature autotuned vocals from Donatachi. “this song meant so much to me as a kid and i hope i can make someone feel the same way the mavis’ did,” wrote the artist on Twitter. While many hyperpop songs rework classic electronic dance tracks from the late '90s, Donatachi sets a unique precedent by creating an otherworldly version of “Cry,” creating a version that could be from the same era but with a completely different sound. Donatachi’s expert production and bubblegum sound is as fresh as ever, making us excited to hear what comes next from them in the new year. They remain a major player in the hyperpop world.

— Allison Harris

99” — Riley the Musician

Riley the Musician throws a party for letting go and moving on in their single they released on Valentine's Day, "99." There’s something so wonderful about an upbeat track like this that carries such an empowering theme. Even before any lyrics are sung, you’re already in a good mood. Then, between “I’m a jungle cat in a cowboy hat” and “I don’t want her back now,” your mood can only improve. Riley captures the rush of confidence and relief that comes with realizing you’re over somebody not only with the lyrics but the instrumentals as well. They really know how to create an indie pop anthem and never fail to impress me.

— Grace Wahlen

Hardcore Miserable” — Luke Markinson

Luke Markinson is back with his first double single: "Out The Bed." Although the tracks are noticably more laidback than his previous releases, its second track, "Hardcore Miserable," is an absolute banger. I'm reminded of Troye Sivan's signature soft vocals, yet with more vibrant synths and headbanging-worthy drums that draw on Markinson's hyperpop influences, namely Charli XCX. The lyrics are longing, yet with them being juxtaposed against bright instrumentals, you can't help but play "Hardcore Miserable" at maximum volume.

— Amelia Zollner

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