Caller ID: Track Roundup — 12/20/20

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Party (AG Cook and Baseck Remix)” — Planet 1999

For those who miss the old PC Music sound, this remix may go down as a classic. The seven minute track remixed by A. G. Cook and Baseck is the first single off the band’s deluxe EP. If you’ve listened to the remixers’ music before, you’ll notice their distinct portions of the song: Baseck with their blaring bass and repetitive beats, and Mr. Cook with his dreamy synths and vocal cuts. It reminded me of classic tracks like “POBBLES” by POBBLES and “Me4U - A. G. Cook Remix” by Danny L Harle. It is the perfect track to dance around and party in a nightclub. The trio’s ethos and motto, “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT EMOTION,” showcases how personal all of their tracks are. I am very interested in seeing where this band takes PC Music into the future of hyperpop by revamping its classic sound.

— Ezra Blanchar

Oreo (Mura Masa eternal mix)” — Tohji

The song “Oreo” by Tohji is a cool track in both English and Japanese about partying. Unlike a typical rap song, it feels more like an electropop piece. Tohji was raised in Tokyo and Yokohama and is known as the indisputable leader of Japan’s burgeoning rap scene with a unique electronic sound. The track encapsulates what Spotify would call its escape room genre. He first started on Soundcloud in 2017 and now has headlined record-breaking sold out shows which have shut down the streets of Harajuku. It is amazing to see the international resonance of hyperpop from the likes of Venezuelan Arca, Russian IC3PEAK, and Swedish Bladee. This track reminded me of Namasenda’s “Donuts” with the same visuals of spinning around in a car in an empty parking lot. Mura Masa’s eternal mix brings out a dreamy ethereal side of this hip hop track. I love how Mura Masa transforms every track that he remixes.

— Ezra Blanchar

ineed2getaway (REMIX)” by Bleachh, SalemGasMask, and Glitch Gum

“ineed2getaway - REMIX” by Bleachh, SalemGasMask, and Glitch Gum gives off vibes of pop punk and emo rock aesthetics of the early 2010s mixed with the hyperpop elements of deep bass and pitched-up vocals. At one point, it reminded me of what 100 gecs would sound like inside of a video game. It is clearly a track of escapism, which comes off as a total bop. I honestly had not heard of the other two artists on this track aside from Glitch Gum, but they presently surprised me.

— Ezra Blanchar

Ghost” by Archoninfinity

“Ghost” by Archoninfinity is a song coming from the persona of a hopeless soul — someone who is truly so sad they would be comfortable completely disappearing and becoming a ghost. The lyrics “If I leave, do not mourn” truly highlight the narrator’s despair. For those who are down in the dumps and would rather turn to a hyperpop song instead of a typical ballad, this is the track for you. The slowed reverb in the end feels inspired by Swedish cloud rap and those YouTube mixes where you are listening to the song alone in a bathroom at a party. This is only the fourth track Archoninfinity has put out, with their first single in July. Each has been accompanied by pixelated, glitchy cover art that looks like it was torn straight off the deep web.

— Ezra Blanchar

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