Caller ID: Track Roundup — 10/9/20

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The Speed of Time” — Abby Cole

Explore other-worldly sounds with Abby Cole’s newest single "The Speed of Time." This new track is a dive into the dark electronica sound for the 21-year-old artist. Cole’s gently pitched vocals take inspiration from the voices of Grimes and Oklou, but lyrically stake a path of their own.

A jittery electronic pulse and an occasional synth line lead this contemplation of time reminiscent of a blurry trip through the stars. Cole offers a perspective on the passage of time. It’s a topical concept for many listeners, as days tend to blend together and the future remains uncertain. "Time is quicker than it seems," Cole repeats in her pitched vocals. Unlike the anxious feel of the featured electronics, the beat itself is oddly steady, confirming that Cole is sure of the gospel she delivers. Abby Cole has made a welcome addition to any introspective electronic playlist with "Speed of Time."

— Grace Niemiec

Incantation” — R0M4NT1X

R0M4NT1X’s latest track "Incantation" is a track about recovery and relapse. The beats of this song go well with the theme of incantations. The persona of the song is certainly under a spell, as drugs seem to have taken over their life. Lyrically, the line “the rush is worth the price I pay” stuck out the most to me. The singer cares more for the action than the reaction and its consequences. What I love most about his tracks is how the beats drain out the vocals like they would in a Clairo song. Overall, "Incantation" is a unique and inspiring track that has been on repeat all week.

— Ezra Blanchar


MGNTA’s "SEROTONIN" is his second single to be released following his first album REMEMORY and it is both lyrically and musically excellent. "SEROTONIN" has all of the features you would look for in a hyperpop bop. However, its lyrics are what differentiate itself. MGNTA has an innate ability to be raw, emotional and honest with his audience, making his music all the more appealing. Amongst the heavy autotune and overlapping beats are lyrics that resonate with everyone. In the pre chorus we hear the lyric "Feeling like a bad fit in my own skin / Holding onto something that I won’t win." This hopelessness is a key theme of the song, however, the dense and bass heavy beats mixed with the bright, upbeat synth and glitches placed on the vocals are all juxtaposed against MGNTA’s hard hitting lyrics. This track gives listeners nothing but serotonin.

— Minna Abdel-Gawad

Blastoff” — Luke Markinson

Luke Markinson’s third track "Blastoff" is a total lovesick electropop track that’ll get listeners excited to get up and dance. Throughout the track, there is a hypnotic buzzing which reminds me of an electric razor. Intense beats and high-pitched instruments overly contrast Luke’s vibrant vocals.

I relate to "I don’t want to die," a line from the prechorus. The song reminds me of the fleeting feelings of what it’s like to be a teenager. It almost made me anxious, but at the same time I was excited and hyped up. I keep replaying to get that release of serotonin I’ve been needing.

— Ezra Blanchar

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