Caller ID: Track Roundup — 10/23/20

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Pizza!!” — Glitch Gum

Glitch Gum diversifies his musical portfolio and expertly blends genres with his mouth-watering new single “Pizza!!,” a triumphant celebration of leaving heartbreak behind that’s infused with rich pop-punk flavor. At nearly 4 minutes, it’s a meaty track (pepperoni specifically) that’s stuffed with energy, with a warm, crisp guitar line and bouncy pop-punk percussion topped by the juicy synth we’ve come to expect from Glitch Gum’s production. “Pizza!!” is a song that feels at once digital and tangible — the production and vocals, while obviously computerized, have a garage-band feel that links them together nicely with the real instruments. Instead of sounding distinct, the two “sides” of the instrumental go together better than a deep-dish four-cheese pizza and a hefty side of garlic dipping sauce.

The classic sound of “Pizza!!” belies its origins as an ode to the classic pop-punk of the early aughts. It serves up a hefty portion of childhood, of pure, simple joy that not even a loser, meanie ex can take away. It’s the sound of a good day with the boys, chilling on the couch, playing video games and, you guessed it, eating a whole bunch of pizza.

I’m really hungry now.

— Nic Johnson

Fog Machine Bong” — Blimpee

If you’re a long-time Ringtone reader, you know Blimpee is a hyperpop icon. His latest single “Fog Machine Bong” opens with a monologue of Blimpee talking to the listener. He whispers make you feel as though you’re in the room with him. The pandemic has unfortunately prevented concerts from happening, but Blimpee immersing us into his world where he is directly addressing us feels like pre-COVID times.

A soft guitar and vocals kicks in, luring the readers into a false sense of security. This also allows listeners to see a side to Blimpee’s music we haven’t seen yet, that being with more traditional instruments such as drums, dreamy synths, and electric guitar. Halfway through the song, the soft vocals distort into an autotuned daydream. The drums introduce Blimpee’s heavy electronic beats and psychedelic voice. Listeners begin to feel overwhelmed with Blimpee’s distorted breathing before a low voice is introduced, which is reminiscent of the styles of artist CORPSE. The distorted vocals proceed until the outro says “Thank you, come back next week to hear it all again.”

To quote a fellow Ringtone writer, Nic Johnson, “‘Fog Machine Bong’ feels like descending into a cult” in the best way possible.

— Minna Abdel-Gawad

Cartoonworld” — Bean Boy & Shubu

You may remember Bean Boy and Shubu from their sets at Lavapalooza or their featured remixes on recovery girl’s deluxe EP and Dorian Electra’s Sorry Bro (I Love You) remix album, respectively. Now they’ve crept into the spotlight with “Cartoonworld,” a new release on Dog Show Records. On the single, Shubu’s love of tender, auto-tuned slow jams and Bean Boy’s sensibility for sounds that make you question whether you should soak your speaker in rice mesh to bring us an aural representation of what I imagine it feels like to be a fork in the microwave.

The song lures you in with its cute bleeps and bloops before descending into a hellish roller coaster ride. At four minutes and 22 seconds, this song is a journey. True to Bean Boy’s musical tendencies, it doesn’t stay in one place too long. When it does, that place is off-tune and strung out. The forefront of the song alternates between electric buzzing and gargling against a disorienting melody. Like any good roller coaster ride, “Cartoonworld” is dramatic and thrilling.

Seeing as it makes you feel like you’re simultaneously experiencing cardiac arrest and electrocution, I do not recommend listening to this song while driving. I do, however, recommend giving this song a listen if/when you wanna feel like the bean (& Shubu) kicked in.

— Rebecca Lauffenburger

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