PREMIERE: Blimpee’s “Cruciflex” Music Video

Blimpee is coming — and with him, he’s bringing a huge paradox. The rising hyperpop star is a devout Christian, yet he encourages sin through his music, citing it as more of a “suggestion” than anything. At the moment, he’s crafting a set of seven songs to represent the seven deadly sins. Released at the end of July, “Cruciflex” with its aggressive beat and lyrics that explore greed through the eyes of the Church, felt like it was begging for a set of visuals. And now, just under two months later, the “Cruciflex” music video is here.

Blimpee dressed in all yellow

Photo courtesy of Blimpee

Repping his over-the-top confidence, bedazzled acrylics and grills, and (of course) his signature green wig, Blimpee dons an array of outfits that vary between a zebra print sweater to a robber costume to the uniform of a southern pastor who has a comically oversized, blinged-out cross dangling from his neck. As Blimpee cycles through the outfits between shots, the backdrop switches between coordinated solid colors, too.

He uses objects to represent the tangibility of greed; as he raps his way through witty lyrics like “Cruciflex on my neck / Crucifix drippin’ wet” and “Jesus loves me, this I know / For the Bible gives me dough,” he shreds and chews on hundred dollar bills. He summons a tiny, bedazzled purse into his hand. He knocks over a piggy bank and an old telephone.

As the video progresses, Blimpee is slowly overtaken by greed, flaunting it as the hottest new way to achieve entry to Heaven. He dresses in a halo and head scarf and becomes the embodiment of greed. With a frenzied look on his face, he smirks as money rains around him. His animated expressions carry the music video (and show that Blimpee has the perfect stage presence to be a star live in concert in a post-COVID world). Then, in his pastor outfit, he steps out from behind an altar and begins to preach greed, performing a choreographed dance with two dancers as he raps, “Just gimme, gimme, gimme bling.”

Closing on a shot of him praying, the music video portrays greed as justified by religion. In Blimpee’s semi-twisted and conceited mind, as long as you pray every now and then, you can be as greedy as you want. His confidence is radiant, in almost an evil yet endearing way. It’s exactly what he needed to do to portray greed perfectly, and we can only imagine what’s next in his lineup of sins.

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