Caller ID: Track Roundup — 9/26/20

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revenge” — angelus

NOVAGANG’s angelus released her new single “revenge,” an inventive and hard-hitting anthem about the pain and confusion of fake and shallow relationships, last Friday. With “revenge,” angelus departs from the more traditional trap sound of earlier singles “dysphoria” and “fatigue” with an instrumental style that relies more heavily on a string of swinging synth triplets punctuated by brief moments of percussion. It gives the track a swinging, neo-bluesy aura, further emphasized by periods of contemplative ambience. “revenge” is strikingly fresh and fun, helping to round out the edges of angelus’s style and showing her musical chops.

— Nic Johnson

True North” — Ninajirachi and Kota Banks

"True North" is a hyperpop ballad collaboration between two Australian hyperpop artists. Producer and DJ Ninajirachi and singer and lyricist Kota Banks take elements of soft lo-fi and hyperpop to produce True North.

"True North" has two sides to it: the soft and sweet and the hyper upbeat. The beginning of the song is a mix of hyperpop elements, such as autotune and synth, but its soft nature and softer beats shows the use of some classic pop and lo-fi elements. This is a large reason why "True North," in my opinion, can be loved by avid listeners of the genre as well as novice listeners, as it has familiar elements to both groups. The tone changes from the first to the second half and has the perfect build up, with the lyrics “Even when I’m in pain / even when I’m insane” leading to a satisfying beat drop.

— Minna Abdel-Gawad

Tantalyse” — Peake

In Peake's major streaming platform debut, which is produced by Nikita, Peake explores love through a morbid angle. "I can't get you out my head / Every time you leave I'm dead," Peake sings. The vocals feel quivery, which conveys the song's mood of desperation well. Peake sings of love being harmful, and later confesses to being unable to carry out a relationship, singing, "My purple petals want to kiss you / But my spikеs make sure I can never hold anyone." Sung against a restless feeling, trancelike beat, "Tantalyse" is a catchy and lovable look into the psyche of someone so overly invested in a relationship to the point where it becomes dangerous.

— Amelia Zollner

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