Caller ID: Track Roundup — 9/11/20

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Recover” — Trophie

“Recover” by Trophie reminds me of the Charli XCX x SOPHIE collab we’ve always wanted. This is Trophie’s first single of 2020 under the hyperpop label Palettes. The first lines bring us into the story of someone recapturing the feelings of a failed relationship: “My shirt still smells of your pheromones / Can't sleep this hurt won’t leave me alone.”

My favorite line comes in the pre-chorus: "I like the way you made me feel like this would last forever," which she sings quite beautifully. However, the lyrics aren’t the only captivating part of this track, with the starry and shimmery sounds on top of industrial-esque beats also sounding great. The last 30 seconds really set it apart with a beautiful instrumental snowstorm of beats overlapping each other. “Recover” is definitely going into my breakup playlist!

— Ezra Blanchar

iCarly” — Kyunchi

Kyunchi’s “iCarly” is the first track from their upcoming EP Internet ✞ Bible, heralding their return to the hyperpop scene after a year-long gap in releases. It’s a driving yet flamboyant party jam that puts Kyunchi in their rightful place as a self-proclaimed internet idol. The track features a gritty, repetitive bassline with quick shots of 8-bit synth scattered throughout like .jpeg artifacts, which give it a heavily digital feel. (Fun fact: when I accidentally turned on Sticky Keys while listening, I thought the little beep sound was part of the song.)

The chorus repeats itself extensively, making the song seem to drag on slightly. On repeat listens, it’s hard to tell when the song ends and begins again if you aren’t paying attention. But the high-energy production still makes it feel exciting, even momentous: we’re witnessing the (re)birth of a bona fide internet idol.

— Nic Johnson

Times New Roman” — Scintii

Shanghai-based Taiwanese singer-producer Scintii was the latest to sign to the record label Houndstooth. “Times New Roman,” which shares a name with her upcoming EP, was her first track under Houndstooth. The piece is a captivating classical track with a twist. Her vocals carry the track over the soothing production. The melody came to her while she was “wandering round shopping mall,” Scintii explained. Co-produced and co-written by PC Music Producer Danny L Harle, it is quite unlike the upbeat and bright works he usually puts out. Its hypnotizing beat has me playing this track on repeat.

— Ezra Blanchar

IndiZ Summer” — IndiAcid

From her Snapchat font album title that sits atop the EP’s cover to her TikToks that she uses to promote her music, it’s apparent that IndiAcid does everything herself. Created over the span of this past summer, IndiZ Summer is the 17-year-old artist’s first venture into music. It’s definitely not polished, but that’s what makes it so lovable.

Throughout the EP, lo-fi vocals about summer love against chiptune-esque instrumentals create a dreamy atmosphere. Especially in “By The Train Tracks,” which echoes the poppy styles of SOPHIE and Charli XCX, the promising future that IndiAcid has ahead of her shines through.

— Amelia Zollner

I Miss You (feat. Banoffee)” — Perto, Banoffee

Perto has worked with names you might recognize like Ravenna Golden and Donatachi. Both artists were super proud of the lyrics on the track as mentioned in their separate statements about the track. This is Banoffee’s first single of 2020 since she released her debut album, Look At Us Now Dad, earlier this year. The lyrics express a certain sadness and lacking a lot of us are feeling right now. Banoffee ethereal vocals juxtapose the trap beats of the instrumentals.

— Ezra Blanchar

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