Dorian Electra Takes Our Hand Through Neckbeard Culture With “Gentleman” and “M’lady”

If there’s one thing that’s clear about hyperpop star Dorian Electra, it’s that they’re committed to everything they do. From their campy music videos during the Flamboyant era to their prop-filled live shows backed by dancers, Electra embodies the definition of commitment. It’s no surprise, then, that in their latest pair of singles, “Gentleman” and “M’Lady,” they adopt the persona of an incel to tackle unhealthy aspects of masculinity.

In “Gentleman,” against a backdrop of saxophone riffs a la Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” Electra dives into the mind of a fedora-clad neckbeard who boasts about how “kind” and “gentle” he is. Electra takes playful jabs at the attitude they’re portraying: “Fedora real tight, slow down / Pinky up, I ain't never comin' down, no.” In the corresponding music video, bags of Doritos and cans of Mountain Dew are strewn about the set, showcasing the filth of this persona. Musically, it’s a slower song that listeners can bop their heads to, which stands in stark contrast to the intensity of “M’Lady.”

In the second single of the duo, alongside a baroque-inspired riff, Electra, from the perspective of the gentleman, breathily glorifies his love interest with repetitive lyrics: “M’lady is gentle / M’lady is kind.” In the music video, Electra customizes M’Lady as a video game character, sizing her waist down to physically impossible proportions and selecting his ideal personality for her while droning on about how perfect she is. This hypersexualization and commodification of women pairs well with the self-glorification in “Gentleman” to explain the self-centered mindset that neckbeards and incels carry.

Weaving in between metal guitars, heavy breathing, and harpsichord-speckled verses, “M’Lady” is the stronger out of the two singles, as it flawlessly combines the best aspects of Electra’s sound by encompassing the medieval feel of their older songs like “Musical Genius” and the heavier feel of “Live By The Sword.”

Source: Dorian Electra

At only 3 minutes long, this double single is a whirlwind of Electra’s whimsical musical and visual styles. Paired with Electra’s signature dramatic (and occasionally comedic) music videos, “Gentleman” and “M’Lady” are a strikingly fun duo that both acknowledge the repulsiveness of incel culture and somehow manage to make it entertaining at the same time.

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