Caller ID: Track Roundup — 8/28/20

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Rot in your room with the newest music from rottingscott. “SOMEBULLSHITDREAM” is an angsty tune that steals your attention from the get-go. The flow of the first few lyrics is addictive thanks to some engaging delivery from rottingscott and production work from the Caller ID vet MGNTA. The first verse transitions into a hypnotizing chorus full of the reminder that there’s a lot of bullshit going on. Dreams and reality are at odds, so for now, we’re all physically and mentally stuck in one place. Is it commentary on current events or just agitation with life in general? Who cares; it’s a relevant complaint either way. Things right now do tend to be bullshit, but music like this makes it a little better.

— Grace Niemiec

SugarCrash!” — ElyOtto

“SugarCrash!,” one of 16-year-old ElyOtto’s first songs, is gaining momentum on TikTok for all the right reasons. He sings of being underwhelmed and regretting recent decisions: “I ain’t got no fucking cash / Maybe I should take a bath.” “Nothing that I write can make me feel good.”

The lyrics, pitch-shifted to feel like a 100 gecs song, are brutally relatable, but the song is at its best because it juxtaposes these lyrics against a playful, video game-esque backdrop of instrumentals. Featuring a barrage of sound effects in the chorus, the chaos of this song is addictive in hyperpop’s typical hectic style and is sure to kickstart ElyOtto’s musical career.

— Amelia Zollner

Hard Work” — Tauri

Rising experimental pop artist Tauri quenches our thirst for some sugar-sweet pop with her newest single, “Hard Work.” With clear sonic and thematic influences from Charli XCX and Hannah Diamond, this track is essential for any lovers of pop that is (for lack of a better word) cutesy.

The first half of the instrumental is simple, with some soft synths and bells, but builds some tension for a well-deserved release around 1:03. The vocal editing is let loose over a fun, danceable beat. The lyrics begin by reflecting the lovesick nature of most bubblegum pop: “I know I said that I would hit you up / but baby I’m too shy”. Diverting expectations however, the hook (“I’m gonna make you work hard”) dodges the common fragility trope of similar-sounding music. Tauri emphasizes her fragile nature, but doesn’t force herself into a submissive position. She’s shy, but that doesn’t mean she’s not worth some effort.

Only a little longer than 2 minutes, “Hard Work” hits the mark of ‘short and sweet.’ Tauri’s influences make this track especially accessible to even the newest of hyperpop fans. Veteran fans can look forward to some ‘sweetheart’ pop that demands respect — something that kindly says, “Shy Gang, rise up.”

— Grace Niemiec

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